The Overtones

Michigan's A Cappella Entertainers

Created in 1990 as a product of the Traverse City Public Schools & Established as The Overtones in 2002, this 6 man accapella group has the history and experience that is rarely found in the music industry.

Typically referred to as a barbershop quartet, The Overtones are everything but! For starters, as mentioned above, there are 6! This allows for more diverse music selections and the ability of the group to function without one or two members at a time.

Secondly, “Barbershop” is only one style of music that they perform. The Overtones feature an overwhelming mix of 50’s and 60’s Doo Wop, Vocal Jazz, Contemporary Hits, and Gospel.

Most importantly, it’s the men themselves!  Imagine 6 boys lost in time, as if they never left 8th grade Male Choir class. Their hilarious banter and pseudo genuine loathing of one another, make for a stage show like none other!